The door to me was opened by Antonina Ivanovna. It was the nice girl of years
Twenty five. Its big grey eyes, cheerful and vigorous, looked slightly
Derisively and self-confidently, and the snub nose gave to the person the fervent
Expression. On it there was a black cloth dress, very simple and it is good
Fitting its figure.
   I for some reason unexpectedly was confused both very hasty and confusedly became
To explain the reason of the arrival.
   - Presently it is a shame not to know a radio engineering, - it has playfully interrupted
   - I the biologist, - tried to justify I.
   - But at us even schoolboys know a radio engineering.
   It has softened this reproach with a smile, having shown the equal teeth, and awkwardness
Has thawn.
   - pojdemte in a dining room, I will drink up tea and I will go to treat your receiver.
   I have willingly followed it.