Bitcoins nye brukssak? Et rapportkort for hvordan USA håndterer dollaren

En viktig ny rolle for verdens første kryptovaluta som en inflasjonsmåler – eller bare en annen fantasi av Bitcoin-maksimalister? Hele midten av mars mottok mange amerikanere stimulansjekker fra regjeringen, og mens betalingene – $ 1400 for hver amerikansk statsborger som tjener mindre enn $ 80 000 årlig – vil være en velsignelse for millioner i

Bullish: World’s first Bitcoin ETF raises $ 624 million in nine days

The Purpose Investments Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) reached $ 624 million in value in just nine days. The ETF passed the $ 400 million AUM mark just two days after it launched on February 18. The fund has currently amassed 10,064 BTC. It is traded under the tickers „BTCC.B“ and „BTCC.U“. The former is

Pourquoi la prolongation de la saison de navigation

Pourquoi la prolongation de la saison de navigation est essentielle à la hausse des prix de Bitcoin Au moment où nous écrivons ces lignes, Bitcoin est évalué à un peu moins de 52 000 dollars, et le crypto se négocie à moins de deux pour cent de son dernier ATH sur les graphiques. Avec la

Die Bitcoin-Achterbahn verstehen

Matt McCall besiegt Louis Navellier bei einem Einsatz von 5.000 USD… Bitcoin’s Peak, dann Pullback… was Sie von hier erwarten können *** Wir werden am kommenden Montag geschlossen sein Bevor wir beginnen, eine kurze Notiz… Unsere InvestorPlace-Büros und die Kundendienstabteilung werden an diesem Montag, dem 18. Januar, zu Ehren von Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Bitcoin could crash to $20,000 as rally slows down

Analyst: Bitcoin could crash to $20,000 as rally slows down Bitcoin saw a massive rally last night, allowing it to hit new all-time highs above $29,000. The cryptocurrency encountered serious selling pressure here, slowing its rise and sending it falling back towards $28,000. It appears to be finding some support here, but it remains unclear


El oro al contado está avanzando hacia la formación de una „Cruz de la Muerte“ en su gráfico diario, lo que podría transformar su actual corrección a la baja en una tendencia bajista en toda regla. Una cruz de la muerte se produce cuando el promedio móvil a corto plazo de un activo cae por

Bitcoin could reach $25,000 already by the year 2020. This is what Simon Peters of eToro assumes.

Yesterday saw a rise in the price of Bitcoin that led him to break the all-time record on some exchanges such as Binance, Bitstamp and Gemini. In these cases Bitcoin exceeded $19,800. Immediately afterwards, Bitcoin retraced to $19,500, aligning itself with other exchanges. The mind went to December 17, 2017, when Bitcoin touched the $20,000,

Volatility analysis shows: the real Bitcoin bull run has not even started

Bitcoin has grown strongly in the last six weeks: According to market data, the leading crypto currency has grown by 70 percent. This makes it the world’s most powerful macro asset class. Some are interpreting this rapid appreciation as a signal that BTC will soon correct. But according to a fund manager’s volatility analysis, the

1 200 USD czek na bodźce stymulujące w USA jest teraz warty prawie 3 000 USD, jeśli zostanie zainwestowany w Bitcoin

Czek na bodźce w wysokości 1200 dolarów, który został rozdany obywatelom amerykańskim jako środek pomocy w walce z pandemią COVID-19, byłby teraz wart prawie 3000 dolarów, gdyby został zainwestowany w BTC. Minęło mniej więcej siedem miesięcy odkąd rząd Stanów Zjednoczonych wysłał pierwsze czeki na bodźce o wartości 1200 dolarów do wielu obywateli. Co ciekawe, kwota

Chainalysis to help government store and sell seized cryptomeda

Chainalysis launched a programme that would help government agencies store and sell lost cryptomyces. Blockchain intelligence and surveillance company Chainalysis announced it had launched a programme that would help government agencies and insolvency professionals sell seized crypto. According to the official announcement, the new programme would serve to recover, store, monitor and sell cryptomoquids that

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